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SciMac - your source for High-Quality PTFE  laboratory products

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Scientific Machine (SciMac) is your source for High-Quality PTFE laboratory products, from Adapters, to Agitators, to Hi Vac Valves, to PTFE Stoppers and Stopcock Plugs. We are the premier manufacturer of PTFE Laboratory accessories.

Since our founding in 1956 we have been committed to manufacturing quality products at highly competitive prices. Available in a full range of sizes, our bench top labware is a safer alternative to glass without sacrificing the accuracy you need...GUARANTEED!

SciMac also makes Stainless steel reaction flasks in both standard and custom sizes. Our glass threading department can diamond cut threads from 8 threads per inch to 40 TPI. All manufacturing is done on site.

SciMac's products are used worldwide through out the scientific community. Many of our products were originally developed as solutions to our customers needs when traditional glass laboratory ware was unsatisfactory.